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Household sizes in Berlin (Zensus 2011)

Strong demand for compact apartments

In Berlin, 49.1% of the population live in single-person households: Berlin is Germany’s undisputed capital of singles. Commuters, project workers, students – they all need living space and it is a well-known fact that housing is in short supply in Berlin. In order to live affordable, many people are reacting by economising on space. As a result, demand for intelligently designed 1-room apartments is high and set to remain so for man years to come.

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KfW-funded: EUR 18,000 redemption grant

FOX CUBE has been developed to KfW-55 energy-efficiency standards. Thus, buyers benefit from the extremely attractive subsidy programme 153, which rewards energy-efficient construction. Since 2020, buyers have been able to obtain a promotional loan of up to EUR 120,000 per apartment, effectively paying only 0.75% interest and receiving an additional repayment subsidy of EUR 18,000.

Built to KfW-55 energy-efficiency standards

  • Promotional loan of up to EUR 120,000 per apartment
  • Repayment subsidy of up to EUR 18,000
  • Effective interest rate of 0.75% per year
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rental yield p.a.

Attractive rental yields of up to 4.5% p.a.

Compact living spaces equal relatively high rents . This is because residents have everything they need in the most efficient space. Net rents (excluding heating/utilities) start at EUR 513 per month and average EUR 698 per month . Thus, landlords profit from achivable rental yields of up to 4.5% p.a. These are not fantasy rental expectations, they are based on specific commitments by a commercial tenant who wishes to rent the apartments after completion. The final decision lies with the buyer.

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Guaranteed letting

A commercial tenant has already agreed to rent all of the apartments in FOX CUBE at guaranteed net rents. All apartment yields are calculated on the basis of these net rents. As an investor, you have the security of knowing a tenant is already lined up when you buy an apartment. At the same time, this is only an offer and you are under no obligation to accept it.

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